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Αφοί Ελευθεριάδη

Ξυλόγλυπτα Εκκλησιαστικά Έπιπλα


Faith is the ultimate present of God to people. Our ancestors bequeathed to us and to Christianity what was needed, so as our lives to stay in the Pathway of Truth throughout the ages.
Our worship is the vessel of our prayers and this vessel is to be well taken care of so as to prettify our churches. Apparently, we inherited the art of wood carving from our parents and we have been praised with faith by our mothers. In this way we mixed and matched these presents given to us, so as to offer the best ecclesiastical wooden carved artefacts empowered by tradition as we keep respecting and safeguarding them as a treasure given by the God to humanity. The main purpose of the wooden carved art is to make the Glory of God obvious. For this reason we struggle to create art which will offer to Him the best that the human hands can give, showing to Him our gratitude for the love He gives to us.   
The materials’ resilience in harmony with the comfort and the artistic value lead the worshipers to devote their hurts to pray. The art of science and the best quality raw material are the defenders of this endless quest. We push ourselves to the limits so as to give the best of our abilities.
We praise God for our various plans and our projects’ perfection. While we share some of our artefacts which reflect the love and the devotion we show to our job, our main purpose is to carve the wood for His worshipers.