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Αφοί Ελευθεριάδη

Ξυλόγλυπτα Εκκλησιαστικά Έπιπλα


We are very proud of our family business. This can be seen in every aspect of our work and in every person involved, from the owners to the wood carvers. For many years some of the best artists have been collaborating with us while some of them have already introduced their art to their offspring.This is actually the key to a successful“family” as ours because it makes us develop strong bonds based on faith, trust, common visions and aims, ensuring a sense of continuity and serenity in our workplace.
Our collaboration with young talented artists, who actually found their vocation within our company, is precious because they enriched company’s profile without ignoring our tradition. Our architects and designers are responsible for the newly-introduced designs and for any possible changes and alterations needed so as the result to be spectacular and tangible. Additionally, we have appointed a theologian who inspects the compatibility and the precision of the designs based primarily on the norms of the Old and the New Testament as well as on the Eastern Orthodox tradition and dogma.
For our company, organization means the art of an ever-lasting quest for the excellence. Although we believe that this is hard to achieve, so far we have proved that we have conquered it with the God’s mercy and our customers’ love. We are determined to continue demonstrating our competence to the worshipers who truly desire to visit adorned parishes made with love and respect. 
“By His love. Through our hands. To our church. For your prays. To His name.”